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Helicopter tour of Siberian Taiga

We can talk about the Siberian Taiga for a long time! It is harsh, full of mysteries and secrets, completely unknown to people, since its territory occupies 17% of the entire territory of our planet. Its pristine beauty and the purest mountain air simply delights and fascinates! We offer you a unique and incredible helicopter tour "Valley of 100 sources" in the Siberian Taiga. Together with a professional guide you will visit amazing mineral springs, learn how to properly drink water from the point of view of Mongolian and Tibetan medicine, take a dip in miraculous natural radon baths, take an amazing walk through the cedar taiga where you can see the forest inhabitants. Do not miss such a great opportunity to visit one of the best and most beautiful places on the Earth!
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642 €

"Forests, just like lakes, seas and rivers, are the best decoration of the earth, its magnificent festive attire."

Price: from 642 to 2,579 per person.

Days and time: book in advance

Duration: 1 day.

Number of people: 1 - 5 people

Location: Shumak River Valley (Taiga)


The offer includes:

- Meeting at Irkutsk airport.

- Helicopter ride from Irkutsk to the Shumak River valley.

- Expert guide services.

- Drinking water from healing sources.

- Bathing in natural radon baths.

- Picnic-lunch.

- A magnificent walk on the cedar taiga.


Additional information: the method of travel and the duration of the trip can be adjusted according to your wishes.


It is advised that you bring: a good mood, camera or video camera.

If you need help with:

  • Searching for tickets;
  • Booking a hotel.
  • Insurance;
  • Transportation to and from the airport;
  • Organizing security or escorts;
  • Searching for an interpreter, lawyer or accountant;
  • Renting yachts, cars, and planes;
  • Organizing celebrations, weddings, conferences;
  • Finding an experienced photographer and videographer;
  • Booking additional exclusive tours based on individual wishes.

Click on the "additional" button and you will be contacted by the manager.



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