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Concierge service is your personal assistant

We are created to fulfill your requests or grant your wishes. It can be anything from delivering a bouquet of flowers in the early morning to arranging a holiday on the little-known island of Fakarawa. Any errand will be completed in the shortest time according to all your preferences. Dreams come true with our service and life becomes more comfortable. The Önskemål company will take care of any worries: booking hotels, renting real estate or transport, buying tickets, selecting restaurants, setting up sport and cultural events, making exclusive purchases, making an individual travel tour and fulfilling many other wishes of yours.


VIP requests

If you have a desire that you want to implement, but you have no time and effort to find the performers yourself, and to agree on the price as well, VIP-desire is the easiest version of the plan. We will create the best offer for you, taking into account all your desires, and independently organize the search and select performers. All you have to do is describe your desires and send it to us. After that, you will receive a quick response from our manager. If you have questions and doubts regarding the performance of the work according to your wishes, just contact us to discuss the details.


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