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Extraordinary walk with alpacas in Düdenbüttel

Many people know that communication with animals instantly relieves stress and fatigue, improves mood and helps to get rid of unpleasant thoughts. Thanks to our unique offer, you will get to know the cute animals - alpacas. We offer you an extraordinary walk with alpacas in Düdenbüttel, during which you will learn a lot about these amazing animals - how to care for them, what they eat and much more. The most unusual thing about this walk through the incredible beauty of the fields and meadows is that you will be alone with an alpaca, you will graze it on your own and walk with it. We will help you get rid of negative emotions and bad mood!
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27 €

"Animals are prototypes of our virtues and vices, wandering before our eyes, the ghosts of our souls." (V. Hugo)

Price: from 27 to 75 per person

Days and time: book in advance,

Duration: 1.5 to 3.5 hours

Number of people: 1 person

Location: Düdenbüttel


The offer includes:

- Getting to know the farm.

- Briefing on how to behave with alpaca.

- An independent walk with an alpaca.

- Picnic in the meadow with fresh pastries and coffee.

- The gift - socks made of alpaca wool.


The minimum age of the participant is 16 years.


It is advised that you bring: a good mood, camera or video camera, waterproof shoes.

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